Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tour Time Trial

I must admit that, not being a cycling 'geek', I've had a hard time following Le Tour this week. For one thing, the flat stages haven't ever been my favorites; I'm a mountain person myself. I love the whole energy of the mountains with the painted roads, fanatical fans and sheer tactics from the riders. It's magical. Flats? Not so much.

For another, I know the top names (Basso, Ullrich, Vino etc.) in cycling but not the 'second tier', if you will, or the up-and-comers, of talent. After a week ago, many of those names have not been on the roads. I've had to learn new names and follow more closely. It's been less than fun.

With the time trial coming up, I thought I'd miss it. After all, the time trials in the last few years have been dramatic and exciting wondering who would take it...Lance? Jan? Tyler? Would they make up precious seconds or even a minute if something happened to their rival? Who would have the power that particular day? Exciting. This year...well, no Tyler for a year now and no Lance we knew, but no Basso. Who will be the front runners? Will there be a close rivalry?

How would the time trial hold my interest? Well, tonight was my answer. Bob Roll. He is on fire tonight. Did y'all hear his explanation about why, when you are in the peloton, you don't pay attention to what is going on with the spectators? It was priceless! And it hasn't stopped there - how to keep your attention during a long day in the saddle? Hire him for 8 hours of laughs in the peloton. HA! He and Al Trautwig are really good with their banter, too. I'll be watching every night because Bob entertains and educates those of us that aren't cycling 'geeks' (and I say that with all affection).

Oh, and does anyone think that Robbie Ventura has spent a lot of time with Bob Roll? He's got the hands going during his segments like a pro!

Hey Tim Jackson, MasiGuy - you are great at your recaps of each stage...if you have time, maybe you can do a preview of the time trial for those of us who need to understand who the new 'big boys' are this year for the time trial. And, what is your thought as to why they got rid of the team time trial? Lance had his opinion tonight, but what is yours?

Just my own cycling tidbits. Thanks for stopping by.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Donna Tocci... now you're going to make me work and prove/ disporve that I know something about this silly race.


The TT on Saturday is going to make the picture much clearer, I think. You're right though- there are no major names left to make the predictions easier.

Look for guys like Landis, Leipheimer, Hincapie and Zabriskie- maybe even Julich to try and do something big. Garzelli will probably be hungry, along with other guys like Savoldelli, Cadel Evans, Christophe Moreau, Andreas Kloden (3rd place in the 2004 Tour), Popovych, Simoni and Carlos Sastre. All of the GC contenders will be trying to minimize their losses, if they aren't very good time trialists. Guys like Simoni, who can climb great, cant't TT to save their bony butts. He'll be looking to lose as little time as possible. Guys like Michael Rogers, 3 time TT World Champ, will be trying to hurt people so he can afford to lose time over the mountains. Guys like Floyd, who can TT and climb, will be looking to gain time on the other climbers as well as the strong TT riders.

I can't predict a winner for the TT, but I bet we'll have a much better picture of who the real contenders are after the TT. Maybe then it will be safe to start picking GC riders.

Now I have to figure out how to rephrase this all for my blog...

Bitch Kittie said...

TJMG - God, I am totally with your pre-cap. Completely agree on your ideas there - so many names, so many contenders! I LOVE IT! Saturday's TT is going to ROCK! Super exciting stuff. And where is BK going to be? OMG - I can't FREAKING believe this. I can't believe I'm admitting this to my cycling posse on top of it all. I'm running the fresh lemonade stand fundraiser at an international soccer tournament ALL STUPID WEEKEND.
Hate. Hate. Hate. Note to self: Do NOT join the fundraising committee next year.
Lord have mercy I cannot WAIT for public school in a year. I am BUMMING - and Donna - you have my cell number I DO expect a call with details. . .. juicy, sorted, sexy details.
After watching the show tonight, I fell in love with Boonen all over again. That voice. . . . mmm mmmm mmm rocks my world. Sorry TJMG.

Donna Tocci said...

Oh my goodness, Tim. Thanks for the great insight! That's awsome. I thought you'd put this on your blog, not mine. I'm a lucky gal.

From what you've written here I guess my overall pick is still a good one for the TT - that's Mr. Landis to you and me.

BK - charity is always a good thing to be involved with. You'll have a great time. I'll text you with the 411 on the TT as it's going on. But I expect some of those blazer and short photos over here, too, during your CR days at the Tour! I've been wondering how those guys have been keeping cool.

Thanks for the heads up on Bob's b-day. I'm off to text him. Even if he's not getting emails maybe he'll get that - of course I should probably wait until the stage is over for the day...

Thanks to you both for stopping by, as always.

Bitch Kittie said...

Donna -
He's got a different phone over there. . . sorry. This event is for Sunshine Face's preschool. I think they kick her out if I don't do it. Looking forward to the texts!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I forgot to rant about the Team Time Trial, so I guess I'll have to cover that later. I didn't hear Lance's theory, but I would bet it has something to do with keeping things more open and not allowing one team to really put the hurt on the other teams. I mean, they put a loss limit in place a couple years ago... what the hell is that? If you lose 10 minutes, you lose 10 minutes... not a minute and a half!

Reva said...

Um, if we are requesting specific shots from BK's trip....could I get some sexy shaven biker leg photos to me???? I'll send you my email so that I can enjoy them privately, ahem.....

Donna Tocci said...

Tim - Lance didn't get that technical. His theory is that the brains of the French hibernate sometimes so that when fans like something of course they pull it. There was a lot of eye rolling and drama when he was discussing this. It made me giggle. Lance never makes me giggle.

BK - thanks for the heads up. I texted his US phone...oh well. Wish him a happy belated for me, please.

Reva - I love the way you think. BK, click away at Thor's legs, please. :)

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Well ladies, maybe I'll just have to snap a few pics of the masiguy's legs for you... I'm told by the folks at work that they're breathtaking... though they might just be messing with my head.

Bitch Kittie said...

I will click at anything of Thor's that I can. . . he's a snatch cute - don't you think?
TJMG - seriously. I am willing to bet money that you have an entire FILE on your computer of pictures of yourself. I know I do, but I'm hot. That's a little different.