Thursday, July 20, 2006

Floyd looking for a turn around

Cubbie just called in from France. She is sitting next to Robbie Ventura and they are watching the live feed of today's stage. Floyd and a small group have gone out on their own and, currently, have a minute and twenty seconds on the peloton.

We all know that isn't a lot. However, I think it shows that Floyd recovered somewhat last night and is determined to do whatever he can to recover the time lost yesterday. Makes me think of Bob's quote from the other day:

"Sacrifices have to be made to win the Tour. If it means making your men ride on the front until they pass out, well, that is one of the things you have to do. If you aren't unwilling to do that, you don't deserve the yellow jersey."

I don't know if the rest of the team has that mentality because none of them are with him in this little pack, but Floyd certainly does. He's not taking yesterday's setback laying down. He's fighting back. Only time will tell if this will work for a podium finish in France, but I, for one, will be cheering him on this morning!

Allez Floyd!

Just a Tour tidbit. Thanks for stopping by.


reva said...

Our Boy Floyd is making an heroic effort today. And drinking tons, according to With about 36 miles to go, he is gaining ground on the overall. I am so excited for him! And really glad he is not taking this lying down. What an effort! What a man! What a Mo-Fo in the mountains! I love Floyd!

reva said...

He did it!!! AMazing!

Donna Tocci said...

Epic Stage:

Landis wins stage - moves to 3rd in GC

1. Pereiro
2. Sastre .11
3. LANDIS .31


Congratulations Floyd!!!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...