Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cubbie "meets" Our Boy Floyd Landis

Very early this morning I got a phone call that said I had to get to my email and post Cubbie's latest report from France. Since I always listen to Reva, I've posted it below since we know Tim has national sales meetings this week and hasn't been able to post as often as he'd like. This note from Cubbie was just too good not to get up.

FLOYD TALKED TO ME! I'm sitting here answering my 4000 emails on Liggett's computer and I saw a Phonak car with Coachy Coach in it and and and and and and FLOYD IS RIGHT BEHIND HIM ON THE F'ING BIKE and I yell, CONGRATS FLOYD! and he stops and says how cute I look today and how he's heard so much about me and he's glad that I could make it to the Tour this year. . . .ok. Kidding.

He waved and yelled THANKS! We tried to get a picture, but I didn't. My friend Bobby Armstrong (no relation) got one >and PROMISES to send them to me. He's on some world tour and won't be home until August. I'll definately put that out when it comes it. Sweet ass. Wish it were mine.

Life here is good. Lots of traveling. I'm excited for the time trial today. It's going to be a tight squeeze with the time of our train leaving at 6:46 and the Floyd finishing. Donna - call me when we know what Floyd did, will you? Yesterday was hot and we stayed with Righteous Rod in the hottest room in France. It was REALLY uncomfortable, but temporary.

Today it looks as if we are going to see some rain. Not ideal. It won't hurt Floyd, though. He just finished riding the course and loved it so GAME ON.

Hope Tim is ok. I've noticed he hasn't posted. He's having a tough week. Does his company NOT realize this is history in the making? Cubbie's signing off! cr

Thanks for all the great info, Cubbie. I think I can safely say that both Reva and I wish we were with you so we could give Floyd a triple dose of 'congrats' and 'good luck'. However, I think he'll be just fine on his own today.

Allez, Allez Floyd!!!!

Just a little Floyd tidbit from France today. Thanks for stopping by.

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Fritz said...

I was wondering what was up with TJMG. Sales meetings during the week of the TdF? Not only that, everybody in Europe is shut down for summer holiday. What are they thinking?