Friday, July 07, 2006

A Tour Birthday

Hey folks - according to the Cub Reporter, known to folks here as BK, it's Bobke's birthday today. Go on over to his website and leave a little message in his guest book. BK will make sure he gets them all.

Now, I seem to remember that if your birthday falls during the Tour day France that you are presented with your weight in champagne as Victor Hugo Pena was in 2003. That's a cool tradition. I wonder if they'll do that for Bob this year - they should, right? Then again Pena was in the yellow jersey - maybe that is the catch since there is probably more than one birthday during Le Tour and they'd go broke with all the champagne they'd have to buy.

However, I'm sure Bob could find a yellow shirt to wear under his blazer today. That should count, right? Go get that champagne, Bob! Wishing you a wonderful birthday, my friend.

Just a little tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Bobke is The Man. Hopefully BK/CR didn't get him ugly Russian strippers. Hopefully they are at least moderately attractive. Poor Bobke...

Yes Bob, Happy Birthday!

Bitch Kittie said...

Honestly - I didn't get him strippers. He would be embarrassed by that. I'm sure not all Russian strippers are ugly. Isn't that profiling, TJMG?
I have talked to the big guy today and he is having a great time. . . glad to hear it

Fritz said...

I went to the Trek Dealer and got freaked out when I saw Bobke's ugly mug big as life in the store window.

They handed me a dozen scratch-and-win things. I still haven't won anything.

Donna Tocci said... Trek is doing the smart thing and backing up the advertising with actual in-store promos. Nice. They 'get it' for sure.
So, what was your trick to get more than one a day, Fritz? Obviously, you had a better disguise than Bobke! ;)

Anonymous said...

My disguise: Fake moustaches and eyeglasses from the party store.

Fritz said...

Ooops, I guess I should log in.