Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Tour DAY France Arrives in Paris

Who ever would have thought that the Tour Day France would have been so exciting this year?! Everyone wondered if the race would still capture the US cycling fans' attention without Lance. Well, I think Floyd Landis has answered that query very well. I can't imagine that cycling fans everywhere haven't been fascinated with, at least, the last week of le Tour. What Floyd Landis did during this tour was nothing short of amazing. I have to think that the Floyd Landis shirts are flying off the shelves at this point.

It's been a little exta fun for me this year hearing a little bit of the inside scoop from Cubbie reporter and Bob Roll through her. It's her last day in France where she will watch le Tour finish and then, I'm sure, party with the Americans in Paris and then head home to her kids. But, before then, she has one last post from France.

Well, Cubbie's reign is coming to an end. It is the last day and Ihave had a very good time and learned quite a bit.
1. Many of the toilettes (that's French for toilets) have 2 flushoptions. The regular flush and the super flush for those big jobs.
2. Most Belgian beer is good.
3. There are a lot of Americans living in Paris, but not in France.Do the math on that one.
4. TV work is not as glamorous as you think.
5. It's difficult to travel with my husband. We have different travelroutines.
6. I am a little allergic to France. I've had this snatchy littlecough the whole time I was here.
7. George Hincapie is cuter in real life.
8. Floyd is human. A really cool human with super powers.
Thanks for tuning in . . .you guys are the greatest fans ever. Staytuned to for super updates. . .. .xoxoxoxxoCubbie

I'm just watching Floyd lead the peloton on his yellow bike as the race officially starts. It's a great, great day, isn't it?! Will it be his last Tour Day France? We'll have to see. Somehow, I think if anyone can do it, Floyd may be the one to do it. But, today, it's all about getting to the finish line without incident and then celebrating! He has certainly earned one of the biggest celebrations ever!

Just a Parisian tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


reva said...

That Cubbie is hilarious!

Thanks for the posts & for sharing the tour with me, Donna! Go Floyd!

Michael Wagner said...

Always good to get your perspective on the Tour. For the last four years I have become fascinated by the Tour. The history, the people like Floyd and Lance and all the others, the community that has formed around this sport - it is much more human and therefore engaging that many other popular sports.

Thanks for adding one more point of view on the Tour.

Donna Tocci said...

Reva - no, thank YOU, for texting me updates yesterday when I had to be away from the television. Bravo, to you, too, from being a believer in Floyd from Day 1!

Michael - thanks for the compliment. Like you, I am a fan of le Tour, but am not a bike geek, per se. My perspective is sometimes very different than other people's for that specific reason. Glad you enjoyed following along with us here!

Cub Reporter Mom said...

Just saw an article on MS NBC that said Floyd was more human than Armstrong. Wasn't that one of Cub Reporter's 10 things she learned at the Tour? Here's a link to check out the article yourself.
What a wonderful year to be fully introduced to the Tour de France. It's been an educational summer for Cub Reporter Dad and me. We watched EVERY stage from beginning to end. Thank you Cub Reporter and Bob Roll. Can't wait to talk to you in person.

Donna Tocci said...

Hello Cubbie Mom! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad that you and Cubbie Dad caught the spirit of the Tour DAY France and followed along with the rest of us. It really is infectious, isn't it?!
Cubbie did a great job reporting for all of us, but it will be nice to have her back on this side of the Atlantic, won't it?!