Monday, June 05, 2006

Stonyfield Farm - Test Your Farm Smarts

I really enjoy Stonyfield Farm yogurt; have one just about every day. They are one of the few yogurts that does not incorporate gelatin, which is key for me. Not to mention, their chocolate yogurt mixed with fresh strawberries is pretty darn tasty! They have an interactive website with good facts and fun things and even have two blogs - Baby Babble and The Bovine Bugle.

However, in their quest to keep a consistent look to their brand some people may miss their latest promotion. Their single serving yogurt containers have the base colors of blue, pale yellow and white. It's their brand colors. No matter what flavor they have a consistent look for the family. When they are stocked properly they look great.

The promotion, "Test Your Farm Smarts" is being advertised on the cover/lid to the yogurt. Great place to put it. However, the base colors guessed it, blue, pale yellow and white. To someone not paying too much attention when they are ripping off the lid, it might all blend in and be missed because it looks like part of the rest of the container.

A promotion like this is great - you can win a weekend get-away for 4 to a working farm bed & breakfast; who wouldn't like that? It should be seen as something different, because it is, not just blended in with the "same 'ole, same 'ole" of the container. This is not a time to keep the brand identity, you have that on the container itself. Let your promotion 'shout' at the person opening the container so they stop for a moment and read the few lines of copy. Toss in some purple around the edges rather than blue. Don't like purple? How about some red? Green? Any of them would work and not hurt the brand identity because, as I mentioned, that's on the container.

Note: Unfortunately, although the lid sends you to their website, the link for the "Test Your Farm Smarts" promotion isn't working right now. Bummer. I wanted to try it out. I'm sure it will be fixed soon (we all know about computer glitches!) and I'll point to it then.

Update: The link is now working for the Test Your Farm Smarts promotion. Check it out. It actually was up at the end of last week, but Blogger was acting up. Ah, computers....

Just a small tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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