Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day, NASCAR style

Thanks to the generosity of Dave Perewitz, I'm off to give my dad one of the most unique Father's Day presents ever. As I mentioned back in February Kory Souza and Jody Perewitz put on MS4MS as a fundraiser for the National MS Society. They had a silent auction at the event where Dave donated this piece of Jeremy Mayfield's NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race car. When he walked in with it, I set my sights on it and started bidding. It was a complete win-win situation at the end of the day - I had a unique gift and the National MS Society had more funds for their important programs.

As you can see, this isn't a small piece of metal; it's the better portion of one side of the car Jeremy ran at Richmond International Raceway on September 10, 2005 where he was 6th. For those of you new to NASCAR, the green arrow indicates to the jack man (Ed Watkins) where to put the jack during pit stops. The yellow on the left? That's where someone rubbed their wheel against him during the race. The yellow comes from the Goodyear logo on the tires. Goodyear on your car would be in white, but on the race cars it is yellow so the photographers pick it up better during a race. Smart marketing department at work there.

Thanks to Jeremy for giving the car piece to Dave and thanks to Dave for donating it to the auction!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Here's wishing all you dads a relaxing day! Thanks for stopping by.


Michael Wagner said...

What a neat gift. What a loving daughter!

I like the fact that you know what a jack man is and who he is on that team.

Donna Tocci said...

Hi Michael - our family has been involved in regional racing since before I was born; knowing about pit crews is just part of our "language".
Oh, and the gift was a hit, I think.
Thanks for stopping by.

Ed Tocci Jr. said...

Great gift Donna! Cousin Al must be in his glory.

Lucas said...

Very cool gift--I got to spend time with Jeremy test driving the new Dodge cars a few years back. And now I am in PR, so we have a few things in common:-) Check out my blog at

Donna Tocci said...

Hey Lucas - glad you liked the unique gift idea. Thanks for stopping by

MHoolehan said...

Hey donna, just saw your site. Hope you are well.

great gift, and a great blog, too.

Anonymous said...

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