Friday, August 11, 2006

Welcome to Falmouth, CIGNA!

Falmouth Road Race Finish Line in Falmouth Heights

It's a beautiful morning in Falmouth, Massachusetts and it's time for the 34th running of the Falmouth Road Race presented by CIGNA HealthCare! Cigna is a first year sponsor and they have jumped in everywhere, ready to help in anyway they can. They are a perfect fit for this race because their marketing concepts aren't to tout their insurance programs as much as reaching out to communities to teach about healthy living. What a concept - teach people preventive 'medicine'! Bravo! I wish more companies thought like they do.

The race will be on Sunday, but people are streaming into town ready for a weekend of walking, biking and beaching before tackling the 7-mile race. Throughout the weekend, I'll show you a behind the scenes look at how a world-class race runs. When the runners arrive on the starting line a year of detailed planning has already taken place. That's something most people never see - they just hear the starting gun and head for the finish line. But...let's take a look at how the race, at least race weekend, is organized, who makes it all happen and some of the surrounding atmosphere. There truly is nothing like "Falmouth." I wouldn't be anywhere else this weekend in August.
Just a morning tidbit. Thanks for stopping by.

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