Sunday, August 13, 2006

Faces in Falmouth

This year's race had the largest number of finishers in race history! 8,256 people finished the race today. Wow! Congratulations one and all!

We've seen some of the folks that make the race happen, but there are thousands more that work so hard to make sure the runners have a fun, safe race. There is no way to take photos of them all and this won't do justice to all of them, but here are just a few faces in the crowd.

Jen, James and Ali (not pictured) have worked hard all summer helping to organize the race.

Betty has been a fixture at this race for longer than I have been coming here. I can't imagine coming to Falmouth and not seeing her.

Co-director Kathy Sherman (second from right) and the team that works tirelessly with her all weekend at the Friday supper and on the ballfield at the finish line.

Mary has been greeting me at 6:30am at the press area for years. She works security for the press tent and then continues to work for the rest of the day at the beaches. I don't know where she gets all the energy.

Tom and Brian survey the finish line and make a plan. They both work all weekend to make sure everything is set up exactly how it needs to be.

Betsy and Alissa (mother & daughter) are the driving forces behind the success of the press tent. Betsy is also in charge of all the volunteers at number pick-up. She's been going and going for days. Husband, Bill, daughter Julie and son-in-law Chris have all been recruited to work during race weekend, too. Alissa is also the artist that created the event poster this year. Another 'family affair'.

Last, but far from least, is Matt Auger. If I had a penny for every time someone walked in the office this weekend saying, "I was told to see Matt" I'd be a rich, rich person! Matt has every single entry at his finger tips and can change incorrect information or make a missing entry happen (not new entries - entries that didn't print correctly or some other technical glitch). He's the guru of the details pre-and post-race (when he's working with the timing folks to get results up and running for everyone to see). Matt is priceless.

Tidbits from Falmouth. Thanks for stopping by.

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Congratulations on another successful year at Falmouth!