Friday, August 11, 2006

Falmouth Number Pick-Up

Here's what runners see on the way in to pick up their bib number at Falmouth Academy.

Volunteers wait for the crush of runners to come get their numbers. Saturday there won't be any space at the table - it will be a sea of people!

Each runner gets a race mug, poster and program when they pick up their number. Yes, many volunteers spend hours and hours rolling the posters and putting them in the mugs for the runners.

The color of the mugs are really pretty this year. The photo doesn't do it justice.

This year's poster is my favorite of all time. The painting was done by local artist Alissa Hike Harris, who is a Falmouth resident. I heard one of the elite runners day today, "who hasn't put their feet in the water, at one time or another, after the race." It's a hit!

Here are some runners leaving the gym after getting their numbers. It's such a nice setting over here - so Cape Cod!

More later on athletes and other goings on at the road race office!

Just a little tidbit for this afternoon. Thanks for stopping by.

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