Saturday, August 12, 2006

Falmouth - A Family Affair

The Falmouth Road Race is organized by 4 co-directors, John & Lucia Carroll and Rich and Kathy Sherman. They are amazing organizers and have more energy than I-don't-know-what.

Over the years, their children have all become involved in the race and are important parts of the race in many different ways.

Patriotic co-director John Carroll discusses the race with his daughter, Christine Berndt, after the Friday night supper. Christine is doing 'double duty' this weekend. She's not only helping out in the office and put her husband, Mark to work parking cars, she's also Vice President Sales & Customer Relations at CIGNA Healthcare, the presenting sponsor.

Co-Director, Rich Sherman, and his daughter Elizabeth chat about number pick-up before opening on Friday. Elizabeth has been working the race for more years than she can count and is now in charge of the Saturday Expo. Co-director Kathy Sherman was busy all day setting up the Friday supper. We'll get a picture of her later....

Co-director Lucia Carroll is happy to have both of her kids back for the race on the same year. Her daughter Christine is based in Denver while her son, Capt. John Carroll III, is based in Georgia. John has worked in the office many, many summers and now comes in for race weekend, when his schedule allows, and pitches in everywhere.

Neice, Andrea, was too busy running around hauling boxes back and forth from the expo to the office to slow her down for a photo. We'll capture her later....

It's truly a family affair here at Falmouth, which is part of its infinite charm.

Just a morning tidbit. Thanks for stopping by.

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