Sunday, December 11, 2005

What is remarkable?

Shel Israel has started an interesting practice on his personal blog "ItSeemstoMe". He asks an open-ended, general question every day or so for 'the world' to answer. Most are thought-provoking and sometimes personal in nature. They are questions ranging from "What do you think the world will look like in ten years?" to "What would you like your children to have that you never had?."

I've been watching the answers with interest yet hadn't posted before today. When I went this evening the latest question is: "Who or what do you think is remarkable?" This was something I could answer without even thinking.

You can see my answer here. Click on over and check out all of the questions and answer them, if even only in your our mind. I'll bet you'll mull over some for more than a minute or two.

Just a little tidbit for the day. Thanks for stopping by.


shel israel said...

Thanks for the link, Donna. I appreciate it.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Up past 9:00 and blogging? Uh oh, you're a full-blown member of the blogging world now. Soon you'll go for days with only a couple hours of sleep, just so you have enough blogging time.


Excellent little post. Shel has definitely stirred up some great dialog with these questions. The one that has stumped me has been #1; the one about what you see your world looking like in another 10 years. I can't use my extensive imagination to figure that one out. My son will be 23 and my daughter will be 14. I just can't comprehend that yet.