Tuesday, December 13, 2005


With the holidays upon us it is customary to wish people a "Happy Holiday" or "Wonderful New Year" when speaking with them or communicating via email or blog. It's also customary for many to send holiday greetings to business associates, customers and partners.

As technology gets easier to use and less expensive companies are choosing to do different things to capture the attention of their customers and partners. Some I'm all for, some I wonder why they picked the option they went with. Here are a few examples.

One associate sent a holiday ecard. I enjoy ecards as much as anyone else (I'm thinking of the 'I will survive' Thanksgiving turkey right now!) and in certain situations they are appropriate like when you don't know the person that well or don't have their address. For example, your blogging friends and associates that you've met over the last year - more likely than not, you don't have a physical address for them. Completely appropriate to send a holiday greeting via ecard. Also, if you have a small start-up business and don't have funding. Hey, it's the thought that counts anyway, right? True.

However, if you know the person and have their address send the actual, physical card. It sits on the desk for a week or two and lets the person know you took a little time out of your day for them. Yes, we all have busy schedules, but this is once a year and taking time for each other is what the season is about.

Another company this year sent a holiday CD with a short letter. Hmmm...not sure that works for me. There is only one song about Hanukkah and the other 2o+ are Christmas related. First of all, there is a radio station near here that has pledged Christmas songs until the big day; I get all the Christmas I need. Second of all, in business you never know who celebrates Christmas and who doesn't. Probably not a smart move for a company to do because they could offend some of their clients without meaning to. Holiday card would have been just fine and not offended anyone.

One other company I know sends a platter of scrumptious Italian cookies and a small gift card wishing 'happy holidays'. You guessed it, I'm all for that 'no tech' approach! And, yes, I remember that company all year which, I assume is part of the reason they send it.

There are many ways to let your colleagues and associates know you appreciate them and wish them well this season and for the new year. Whichever you choose, I'm sure they will appreciate being thought of during these busy days for us all. Me? I'm for the old fashioned card with a personal note inside. Ok, and maybe a cookie or two...

Just a tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

The pen is mightier than the keyboard.

I still try to sit and write on real paper and use a real fountain pen. I find that the tactile feel of holding a pen and moving it across paper is a part of the poetry for me. Good music, a good drink (wine, scotch, beer) and the sound of nib against paper- that slight scratching sound and the feel of the page against my hand, resisting, yet yielding to the words and embracing them like a lost and returned lover.