Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 17 - LiveStrong Day

I got an email today from the Lance Armstrong Foundation announcing that tomorrow, May 17th is LiveStrong Day. This is how the email started:

The Lance Armstrong Foundation will lead a group of advocates
from each state to raise awareness on Capitol Hill
about the issues faced by the 10 million Americans affected by cancer.
Volunteers across the country will also host LIVESTRONG Day
activities in their local communities in support of
people affected by cancer.

This got my attention so I went to their site and found that there is a lot going on on LiveStrong Day all around the country and there are many ways we can be involved. They suggest some, including blogging (which is kind of cool)!

Be a part of LIVESTRONG Day and raise awareness
about cancer survivorship issues by blogging against
cancer on Wednesday, May 17. By blogging on LIVESTRONG Day,
you will be a part of the united voice to speak out on behalf
of the needs and issues of cancer survivors across the country.
Whether you are an advocate in Washington D.C.,
hosting a LIVESTRONG Day event in your local community
or blogging about cancer – every action helps.
Wherever you are, you can do something and make
your voice heard on LIVESTRONG Day.

Why join in? To draw awareness and to support those living with cancer. I would venture to guess that cancer has touched all of our lives. Even if it isn't someone we know, it might be a friend of a friend, but if our friend is touched, so are we. Unfortunately, cancer is all around us.

Having known people who have battled cancer and won (yeah!) and people who fought bravely and lost blogging is my small part to help draw awareness to what they have gone through.

You, too, can join in. Wear Yellow on Wednesday or just visit the site to learn more. Tell a friend. Do a self exam! Join an event in your area. Whatever you choose to do, just pass along the word about cancer awareness. It's simple really. I just did in 10 minutes.

Just a healthy tidbit. Thanks for stopping by.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

If this country spent as much money on cancer research as it does in finding cures for rectile dysfunction and better breast implants, cancer would just be a painful memory in the past.

Donna Tocci said...