Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blue Angels - Full Throttle over Atlanta

I've had a fascination with the Navy's Blue Angels since I was a kid. I've seen them numerous times and even had one of their posters in my room for years growing up. Each and every time I see them I'm in awe of the pilots' talent. They are, simply, amazing.

Today my dad forwarded this link to a video piece at the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Staffer Steve Beatty had the privilege to go 'full throttle' with Blue Angel Pilot Lt. Kevin Davis last week. Beatty was filmed the whole time and, to his credit, he shows the good parts and the not so good parts. There are 5 video clips you can choose from. I suggest skipping #2 since it is replayed in #3 with Steve's voice over when he returned to the ground and it's priceless.

Just a fast tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


Ed Tocci Jr. said...

Wow! That is one ride to remember.

Reva Mae said...

Totally COOL!! Thanks for sharing that with us, Donna.