Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bob Roll revamps website

If you've tried to find Bob Roll's site lately you know it was down for a little bit. It's back up and better than ever! They completely redesigned it and, yes, really, it is better than ever.

Did you know that from right now (as I type) it is 74 days, 5 hours and 56 minutes until Le Tour? Nope, I didn't either. Just some of the stuff you will learn at the new site. Check it out.

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Graham said...

I don't know Donna. Seems to me that Bob's got some people that continue to make the classic old school website design mistakes. Now the site is completely Flash based. While fun looking is not very usable. Also, they removed the RSS feed (which never seemed to work in the first place), and the Blogke still isn't really a blog.

I like Bob, and I want to visit his site, but I think he needs some better advice on site building if he wants the site to take off.

Donna Tocci said...

Hey Graham - I don't know the same terminology that you do, but if 'flash based' means that the URL never changes when you click into things then I agree with you. I wanted to link to one of the photos in this post, but couldn't because the URL always stays at the Bummer. I had the same experience at work this week. I wanted to send someone a direct link to a video at, but couldn't because the URL never changes - instead I had to send a list of here...and then here...and then here....time consuming!

I hadn't noticed that they left the RSS off this version because I only buzzed through for a minute. However, I know Jessi will read this and, I'm sure she will make some changes, especially the RSS.

I also know they have been trying to work out the whole blog thing and may update this yet. Although I haven't talked with her this week my thought is her priority was to get the site back up and running and make some rolling changes (oy - no pun intended!)

If I find out any more about this, I'll post it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fritz said...

Ugh, usability, accessibility and indexability are worse than ever. The web designer needs to read the book Don't Make Me Think.

Jessi said...

Hey you guys!
We're working on the RSS and the blog thing. We have a new designer (it's Levi's guy) and we like the way it looks and have some kinks to work out.
Here's a sneak peek of a few things we're working on. We will have links to TdF stuff, some of the really neat things that LAF is doing, more of the reader's pictures etc.
As for the blog - that's my fault. I'm concentrating on one a week . . . at least. This should prove to be difficult in July, but I'm going to try and work around that. I'm also linking your comments to my web designer.
Thanks for your feedback. If you want and pictures, let me know - I will email them to you.

Donna Tocci said...

Jessi's always listening.... :)
Thanks for the comments, Jessi!