Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A "MINI" Correction

Not only did the Mayor of Letterkenny stop by to read the post about MINI to Monte Carlo 2006 (below) but co-driver/navigator, Neil McDaid stopped by, too. Apparently, the brothers McDaid liked the post, but had a small, but significant, correction to make.

Although Tony Kelly is a car dealer in town, he's not a MINI dealer. He's a long-time friend of Brian McDaid's who arranged to get a red MINI Cooper with white roof, exactly what Brian needed.

What Neil didn't tell me from France is how to get a friend like Tony! My apologies to Brian and Tony for the "mini" mistake.

Safe travels to the team.

Thanks for stopping by.


Todd said...

Well well well... what a small, small blogging world this is. Hi, Donna! It's always good to run into you, whether in the flesh or in some obscure little corner of cyberspace.

'til I bump into you again, Cheers!


Donna Tocci said...

Hey Todd! Nice to 'see' you. The internet is an amazing thing. Makes the world very, very small. Thanks for stopping by.