Monday, April 16, 2007

Marathon Monday

It's Marathon Monday here in New England. It's a wild, wild day here, too. Temps are in the mid-to upper 40s, which would normally be perfect for the runners. However, there is driving rain and wind gusts up to 50+mph.

The race is still set to go at an earlier time than normal (for years it's gone off at noon). This year it's 9:25am for the wheelchair race start. 9:35am for women. 10am for men. That's a little over 2 hours to go from now, but they aren't predicting that the winds will die down at all by that time.

I have a special place in my heart for the marathon and I know the race director is the best in the business, but I just hope everyone is safe today. Watch those flying branches everyone and be safe.

Just a windy tidbit today. Thanks for stopping by.

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Reva said...

I wore my "Boston" shirt that lists all the cool things about Boston (including the Marathon) on it in honor of Marathon Monday!