Monday, September 25, 2006

NASCAR helmet & charity auction

The Fall Foliage Run weekend was a great fun and the auction brought in thousands of dollars for charity. I'm not sure of the final tally, but will let you know when I know.

(4-time series champion Jeff Gordon & 7-time champion Richard Petty signed the helmet for charity)

The NASCAR helmet went for $1,000! That's pretty cool. Nobody guessed who the drivers were that signed it. There were 29 including: Tony Stewart (#20), Dale Jarrett (#88), Ryan Newman (#12), Denny Hamlin (#11), Mark Martin (#6), David Gilliland (#38) and my two favorites...Jeff Gordon (#24) and The King, Richard Petty (#43).

Seeing Richard Petty was the only time I can say I was star struck. Seriously, he's The King. 7-time series champion. Wow.

Richard Petty in the garage area at the New Hampshire International Speedway

September, 2006

Tony Stewart, David Gilliland and their crews also donated to the auction. A couple of panels off each of their Richmond cars. They went for a pretty penny at the auction, too!

One of the two panels the 20 team donated and both the panels from the 38 team.

The group of people I met at Loudon were all fantastic. The NASCAR drivers are accessible and agreeable to signature requests even when they don't need to be. It was a fantastic experience. My thanks, again, to Brent on the 38 team! I couldn't have done all that I did that day without his help. It's much appreciated.

Just another racing tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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