Sunday, September 10, 2006

2006 NASCAR Champ will be..... of these ten drivers who were locked into the chase for the championship last night.

1. Matt Kenseth (2003 champion)
2. Jimmie Johnson
3. Kevin Harvick
4. Kyle Busch
5. Denny Hamlin
6. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
7. Mark Martin
8. Jeff Burton
9. Jeff Gordon (4-time champion!)
10. Kasey Kahne

NASCAR changed their scoring a few years ago to include a 'play off' type of scenario at the end of the year. "The Race to the Chase" is during the first part of the year where drivers need to be in the top 10 in points to have a shot at the championship. They needed to lock that into place by last night's race at Richmond. These ten drivers did just that - some just squeaking in. However, now that they are 'in' the chase for the championship the playing field evens out. Each of these positions is only 5 points from the guy in front of them. So Kasey is only 45 points away from Matt going into next weekend's race in Loudon.

Good luck to all the drivers and may the most consistent driver win. I have my sentimental favorite that I'd like to see win the championship and then my overall favorite driver that, of course, I'd like to see win. We'll know in a couple of months.

Just a racing tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


(dis)pencer said...

since boris will never make the chase i am pulling for the 48.

Donna Tocci said...

So you are a Said-Head, eh? Cool. I like Boris, too.

I'm sorry to say that after Loudon yesterday the 48 bunch isn't so happy.

My sentimental favorite and all-around favorite should both be happy - they are moving up the point ladder!

I was at Loudon this weekend - more on that later tonight. Fabulous weekend for racing.