Friday, February 10, 2006

And now for something different....

As you all know, there are a few smart cookies posted to the right that, as I've mentioned, are the reason I have this blog. Then there are those that keep encouraging me along, some in the blogosphere and some not. Probably my strongest motivator is my cousin, Ed. He faithfully reads every day and, when there hasn't been a post in a few days, he'll mention that he hasn't had anything new to read, which will push me to take the time to sit and actually write what's been going on in my head.

Ed is also one of the people I admire most in this world. He's an incredible person and one that I think should start a blog. I've been doing my own bit of encouraging there, but so far it hasn't worked. However, this week I've been slammed with work and such and when he mentioned that he hadn't heard anything from the blog I offered to have him as a guest writer and he took me up on it! Below is something that is on my cousin's mind today. Something a little different, but I think it's a good reminder to us that family is important. Even when we are busy we should keep up those connections. Thanks for that reminder, Ed. I love you, too.

Please do make Ed feel welcome....maybe if we encourage him he'll start his own blog, or at least come back here once in awhile and write a few more things for us here....

What is really important?

Yesterday morning I woke up a bit earlier than usual. While I had a some extra time on my hands before heading off to work, I started to think about my family. My father's side in particular.

Two years ago I helped to plan and organize quite a large and successful family reunion. It took a lot of hard work from a small committee of cousins who really wanted this event to be a great one. We succeeded!

While planning this event, I realized how many of my family members I had not seen for many years, or had never even met before. I was actually amazed on how quickly this family had grown right before my eyes. Cousin's children were having children and so on! What happen here? Where did the time go? I still remember everyone so happy to be together that special reunion day, exchanging telephone numbers and emails. "It's been way to long", and "we only get to see each other at Weddings and Funerals" was the popular phrase heard everywhere that day.

A couple of years have passed now and I wonder how some of my cousins are doing. I have emailed a few in the past, and never got a reply. I guess we all have other priorities in our lives. For some, to take a moment to send a quick email or make a simple call seems to be a chore. For others it may be important to keep in touch.

That's my thought for today.

Thanks for reading us both today.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Welcome Ed! You have a good cousin in Donna. Maybe she's right though... maybe you should have a blog? She could be on to something. (She frequently is.)

Thank you both for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome Mr. Jackson. You are so right about Donna. She is the best! As for the blog thing...I think i'll pass for now.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

There's a "for now" in there, so that indicates a hint of opportunity... knowing Donna, that is all she needs.