Monday, January 14, 2008

Whole Foods Recycled Bags

I do some of my shopping at Whole Foods. As someone who doesn't eat meat, it's important to me to get the best veggies I can at all times. Whole Foods does a good job with veggies and isn't that far from my house. My first pick is always Wilson Farm, but that's a good half hour from my house so that isn't a weekly trip - too much time and gas wasted, in my mind. But, I do make it there about once a month. On the other weeks I go to Whole Foods.

This week I noticed that not only do their paper bags announce that they are recycled, but they give you tips on how to continue the use of the bag. On both large sides of the bag it proclaims, "Made of 100% Recycled Paper". On one of the small sides of the bag is the "Top 5 ways to keep this bag alive". What a great idea - here they are:

1. Wrap a gift with it
2. Fill with food or clothing and give to the needy
3. Fold and donate to a food pantry, used book store or thrift shop
4. Craft project! Hat, mast, puppet, paper airplane
5. Use as a trash can liner and stuff with recyclables

Talk about talking the talk! They are using all recycled materials for the bag and helping you to keep the recycling going. Not to mention, they are using all of their resources to get messaging across - things that are important to them like recycling and their core values (listed on the other small side of the bag). Someone was being a smart cookie when they thought to use all of the bag!

By the way, I do both number 2 and number 5 myself. And, I carry things to friend's or relative's houses in the handle bags. It's easier than juggling three or four things in my hands.

Remembe to recycle whenever you can. It's important. Now, thanks to Whole Foods, maybe you have a couple of new ideas of how to go about it.

Just a green tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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