Thursday, January 03, 2008

Two Smart Cookies Together

When I first started to blog I was pushed into it a little by Shel Israel (he was right, but the way, but don't tell him that...shhhh) to get going and helped along the way by my friend in Australia Lee Hopkins. I've learned bunches from both and am excited to see they had a collaboration of sorts this week.

Shel did an email interview with Lee and posted it yesterday. I'm a day behind, but it is interesting reading. Great questions and thoughtful answers. Anyone interested in social media, especially in Australian business, can learn a lot from it. I did. Check it out.

Bravo guys!

Just a quick tidbit on a frigid New England night. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Being called a smart cookie is one thing, but to share that accolade with Mr Israel is quite another -- I am truly flattered, thank you D!

Donna Tocci said...

You can hold your own in any group, Lee. Your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.