Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Spring in New England

It was such a great weekend, temperature-wise, in New England that I actually saw my first recreational cyclist yesterday. Now, I've seen folks riding to work and guys that look like they are seriously training or something, all winter. I've even seen a few kids riding to school. But, you usually don't see plain ole recreational cyclists in the middle of winter here (I'd know this because I am one).

Yesterday, I saw the first! I was so excited, it made me think that maybe I should get out my bike and see what needs to be done to it before Spring really gets here. I'm so glad that guy was out there as I drove by - gives me hope that Spring is right around the corner.

Today, I saw at least 10 motorcycles go by my house, too. All kinds and colors. Another sign of spring.

Ok, I know, just like anyone else who lives in or has lived in New England, that we can still get a blizzard. Oh yes, not just snow, but an honest to goodness blizzard. But, for now, I'm enjoying my little slice of spring in New England. And...better yet, I'm thinking about my bicycle....

Just a little spring tidbit from New England. Thanks for stopping by.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Yeah! Spring! Bicycles!

Here's to a great Spring, my friend.

reva said...

Ah, yes, the spring snow storms in Boston. When it snowed on my birthday, April 15th, I knew it was time to move back to the South! Boston is awesome but no snow that late, please!

Yeah! Spring! The flowers here are blooming! So exciting!

Sully said...

If you've just jinxed us I'll flatten the snow tires on your bike!

Donna Tocci said...

Tim and Reva - as always, thanks for stopping by.
Sully - you made me laugh out loud! Much needed today...and it's still warm out....:)

Mike Wagner said...

And here I thought, Donna, that the first sign of spring was a the robin!

Now I know it is the first recreational cyclist - big smile from Iowa. Where nature tries to kill us a few times a year.


It makes us tough!

Good to read about life there.

Keep creating...excitment for spring,

wiley said...

Here in Bozeman, MT, I walked to the store the other day and passed no fewer than five people sitting on their porches swapping tires on their bicycle fleets, piles of knobby tires on their lawns. I was glad to see it... but I couldn't help thinking that such a group welcoming of Spring would only bring on an epic blizzard.