Sunday, December 17, 2006

This one's for you Tara!

The thing I like most about the holidays is, inevitably, you hear from someone that you didn't expect to each year. Be it in a card, or a phone call, email and now via blogs. It's always fun to see who it will be each year.

With schedules being what they are, mine being hectic and not being able to keep up with my favorite bloggers as much as I'd like and her starting a company at such a fast pace I don't know how she does it, I haven't kept up with Tara Hunt as much as I'd like. Well, this week she let me know that somewhere along the line I've popped into her brain, she wanted to let me know and wants to know a little bit more about me. She's tagged me so I've got to come up with 5 things you all don't know about me.

And away we go....

1. I love popcorn.
2. My favorite NASCAR driver is Jeff Gordon.
3. I'm not a big fan of cartoons.
4. My favorite author is Dennis Lehane.
5. Rotties are my favorite dog.

Tara, thanks for the unexpected surprise! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Just a little meme tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


Train said...

Hi Donna!

We hadn't heard from you in such a long time I thought I would drop by. Don't forget about us over on TheBeachCruiser. We were looking forward to some Perewitz exclusives from you! :-)

Happy Holidays!

Beach & Train

reva said...

So do I get something if I knew three of the five???

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

You are so cool! I'd never get picked for a tagging by Tara or any other A+ lister... you are HUGE!

I never knew you liked NASCAR...

Donna Tocci said...

Train - thanks for stopping by. As I mentioned, I've been so busy I haven't had time to keep up with my blogging friends. I'm hoping the New Year will bring a little more time to get back more often. Lots of things happening with the Perewitz team to tell you about in January! :)

Reva - nope, only if you knew all 5. HA.

Tim - not so cool. Just a gal who has some cool friends.

miss rogue said...

Awesome Donna!

Happy Holidays! Yes...we must keep in better touch. Tim...I'm no A-Lister, but I do read both of your blogs still. :)

...when I catch up!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Oh Tara, you are such an A-Lister! But you're not evil. You still have the heart and soul in place. That said, I'm damned flattered that you'd say you still read my silly blog... though I check yours constantly.

Donna... I guess this means we're cooler than we thought. ;-)

Anonymous said...

DENNIS LEHANE...way to support the local authors!!!

Donna Tocci said...

t-guy j- Dennis is great! Are you a Lehane fan, too? What's your favorite? I think that I will stick with the original, "A Drink Before the War". In my office, however, is a signed movie poster for Mystic River, too. Although, that was very, very dark. Looking forward to seeing Gone, Baby, Gone next year on the big screen although I'm not sure anyone can really do Patrick and Angie justice. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

I haven't actually read any Dennis Lehane, however, I loved Mystic River.

If Sean Penn and Clint Eastwood were involved, it would definitely be great. Instead it is directed by Ben Affleck and starring Casey Affleck (nepotism, hmmm) and Megan Monoghan.

Donna Tocci said...

t-guy j - I'm with you about the casting....but I'm willing to go into it with an open mind. I hope to be surprised and delighted. Might be a tall order, but we'll see.

Sean Penn was perfect for the role in Mystic River. So powerful. Amazing. And Clint Eastwood kept the movie pretty true to the book, which is uncommon. A great effort all the way around.

reva said...

t-guy j,

You must read the books! Although Mystic River the movie followed the book very closely, you really need to read the Kenzie/Gennaro books. You'll like them too. Lehane rocks!