Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Long Weekend!

"Happy Long Weekend" seems to be the most politically correct way to wish you all a nice, relaxing time this weekend. No matter what religion you practice, I hope this weekend is filled with the family you love, good friends, stimulating conversation and yummy food. After all, that is what the whole season should be about - starting with Hannukah and going right through the New Year!

To those of you celebrating on the 25th -- Happy Christmas!

Just a tiny pre-holiday tidbit. Thanks for stopping by.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Much love and warm wishes to you and those you cherish. I hope that you have a wonderfully relaxing time and get all the goodies you deserve (no stockings full of coal). Maybe that new Skype headset you wanted too... (grin)...

Pictures soon, but last night we had the family gathering at Mom's since my brother and his wife and family will be out of town Christmas day... Katie and her cousins were over the moon.

Fritz said...

And now, Happy New Year, DOnna.