Monday, November 13, 2006

Tyler Hamilton's Signs Team Contract!

Cyclingnews reported this morning that, in Nevada this weekend, Tyler said that he'd signed a contract, but didn't name a team. It is now being reported that the owner of the Tinkoff Credit Systems team is saying that Tyler is part of their new team. No official announcement has come out, but Tyler posted to his website today after a long absence. He details his relay team's Ironman adventure over the weekend (he kicked butt on the bike) and ends with, "As for everything else in my life, stay tuned... "

Sounds like an official announcement can't be far off. I see some Tinkoff team gear in my future....

In other team news, it seems as if Ivan Basso is with Discovery now and looks good in their gear. Congrats to him.

Just a little cycling tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


Bernie said...

There's speculation that Jan Ullrich might ride for Tinkoff as well... Hamilton-Ullrich would be a tough one-two punch to overcome

T-Guy J said... is great to see one of my favorite riders of all time back in the saddle.

If Ulrich and Hamilton are on the same team, the odds of them getting wild card bids to the grand tours are pretty hight

Donna Tocci said...

Interesting thoughts, bernie and t-guy. However, having 2 big guns on the same team...hmmm...who will be the actual leader? Or will they switch off depending on the race? I guess time will tell.

Thanks for stopping by.

T-Guy J said...

I think at this point in his career, Tyler would be more than willing to play second fiddle at the Tour de France.

Ulrich has never been a support rider and would not sign with a team unless he was guaranteed the top spot. Even in the 2004 TDF, Kloeden was the stronger rider, but the team still viewed Jan as the leader and made moves to get the Kaiser into yellow.

Also Tyler had a history of riding in support, how can we forget about all those tours (3 I think) where my boy from Marlborough rode to move some guy from Texas into first.