Saturday, November 04, 2006

Random Cycling Tidbits

Tyler Hamilton has changed the colors of his website from Phonak green. Seems to be more generic....then again, I haven't seen a color scheme for the new Tinkoff team that he's been rumored to be talking with now. That is an interesting situation that I'm watching closely.

Speaking of Tyler, his foundation announced the route for MS Global next year. What is MS Global? It's 8 days on the bike in Europe having a challenging, yet great time, all while raising money for Multiple Sclerosis programs. Here is what the THF has to say about the funds raised by this bike event:

A portion of the proceeds goes to fund the Jacqueline du Pre Research Fellowship & Grant through the MSIF. Increase public awareness of MS ,MSIF and THF. Promoting the health and personal empowerment of individuals with MS through cycling.

This year the riders will be tackling the might Dolomites! This is just an 'all good' event! If you are interested in joining this group of riders, check out the information on the website.

Austin, Texas is getting its own pro race in June, 2007. Read about the 2007 Austin Invitational here. C'mon, does this surprise anyone? Austin....the home of some racer-or-other that you might know about....what's his name anyway?

The big news for the cycling trade this week is that Eurobike, the largest bicycle tradeshow in Europe, has decided to have a go of it here in the U.S. They will compete with the only bicycle tradeshow in the country, Interbike. What do I think about this interesting bit of news? I've written all about it over the the Krew's site. Check it out.

What is a cycling tidbit section without Lance ? He's still not gone from the public eye. He's in New York to run the New York City Marathon tomorrow (November 5) and looking complete the course in 3-hours. He's been taking some running advice from the mother of his kids, too. Since she did well in her NYC Marathon debut, that might be a smart idea.

Just a few little tidbits for this Fall Saturday in New England. Thanks for stopping by.

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