Monday, October 02, 2006

Interbike 1

So, Interbike is over for another year. There is a lot of work that is crammed into three days of the show inside (I didn't make it to Dirt Demo), but there is also some fun involved! What was fun for me? Here's a short list:

Seeing people that I only see once a year in person! I'm a people person, which is probably in the profession that I am! I enjoy spending time with people one on one or in small groups. It's great to see some old friends (Chipps, Garrett, Joe, Jennifer, Dave) and some new ones (Jill, Cubbie)!

I got to meet people in person that I've only 'seen' online! More on that later....

Celebrity sightings! Including my first, non-bike industry celebrity ever while in Vegas, Dennis Rodman. No fuss, no muss, no wild costumes, just sauntering through the Venetian with two other people. Dang, he's tall! I know, that's a silly comment to make about a former pro-basketball player, but he is!

Cycling celebs that I saw included Bob Roll (of course!), Gary Fisher, Mario Cipollini (The Lion King), Kristin Armstrong, Ned Overend, Dave Zabriskie and, of course, Tim "New York Times" Jackson. Yes, Masiguy was the lead, photo and all, in a New York Times article about blogging while we were in Vegas. That is just too cool. Congrats, Tim!

Dave Zabriskie visits with Jessi Pacetti and Curtis Zimmerman at the Kryptonite booth.

Although I usually hate having my photo taken, I couldn't say no to "New York Times" Jackson when he came by the booth, could I?

What else was fun for me? Going to my first ever blogger get-together! More on that later.

So, while there is a lot of work, there is some fun, too, thanks to the fun people in the bike industry. There will be more in the coming days...

Just an Interbike tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Our press agent let us know that you mentioned Tim Jackson and the NYT article. All of us at Masiguy, Inc. appreciate your kind words.

Though Mr Jackson is currently unavailable for comment. He has assured me that he too had a great time during this year's Interbike. Schedule allowing, he will return next year to improve upon an amazingly successful Interbike.

Thank you for the kind words,
Masiguy, Inc.

Donna Tocci said...

You crack me up, NYTJ!