Tuesday, April 18, 2006

BL Ochman, Shel Israel, Doc Searls, Hugh Macleod, and...Me?

Last week, BL Ochman did a quite informative post about how she keeps track of all of the information that's coming at each of us every day. It's no easy task for any of us. There are some things she uses that I use and assume everyone does, but others I hadn't even heard of and will check into them.

Then she took it one step further and asked for tips from some other bloggers. In the first installment she posted tips from Doc Searls (co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto), Steve Hall (adrants) and Shel Horowitz (Principled Profit blog). Good info from all.

Then there was today's installment. Shel Israel (Naked Conversations), Henry Copeland (blogads blog), David Vinjamuri (The ThirdWayAdvertising Blog) and then....Donna Tocci. Wait! That's me. Holy Moly!

BL goes on to give tips from Steve O'Keefe ( Patron St Productions, International Association of Online Communicators blog) and Jeremy Wright (b5media) and now I see that she's added Hugh Macleod (gapingvoid.com)!

Wow! All of them and....me. I'm still speechless.

Thank you, BL, not only for thinking I could add something of value with this group of pros, but for putting this all together and sharing it with us. Great, great tips!

Readers, if you haven't done it, go over and read these posts right now; I'll bet you'll learn something. Keep going back for a few days to see if she's going to add more tips from interesting people. You never know who might pop up!

Thanks for stopping by.

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