Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And....She's Back

There's been a lot going on in the last couple of weeks.

What have I been doing with some of my time besides being glued to the Barrett-Jackson auction on Speed for a weekend? Getting ready for trade shows, trade shows, trade shows. Yes, three in a row - all in February. This weekend is the Boston Motorcycle Show - consumer show at the Bay Side Expo. If you are into motorcycles and live in the area, c'mon by and visit the Perewitz booth. They'll have a full display of their wonderful motorcycles.

Next up....Dealer Expo in Indianapolis over the long weekend. This is a dealer/distributor show. Three days of connecting with our distributor reps and dealers. It's always a lot of fun; great crowd. We have a good gathering on that Sunday, too, as we have a flat screen in the booth and people can come watch the Great American Race with us and Dave Perewitz. You know the race I'm talkin' about....

Then it's off to England for a week for a bicycle dealer show put on by our great distributor in the UK. February will be a whirlwind for sure.

Now for some other tidbits....

The Spokesmen put up another podcast last week. Although we missed our buddy Tim (because he was in Asia on a business trip), the show sparked a good conversation about how to help make bike commuting more of a reality. Listen to the show and then share your ideas with us. We'd love to hear them all.

Although many of you are way, way ahead of me, I've recently discovered LinkedIn. So far, it seems to be a great networking tool and it's free. Yes, free. I've already re-connected with some folks that I hadn't heard from in awhile so it seems to work fairly well. Most of the 'smart cookies' listed to the right are on it so you know it is good. Check it out.

My friend Lee Hopkins, he of the fabulous communications blog, has written such a great recommendation for me on LinkedIn (that's part of it, too) that I was blushing. Thanks, Lee. You really shouldn't have....but I feel lucky that you did. It means a lot.

Tyler Hamilton is baaaaack and set to race next week, I believe. He's racing for the newly formed Tinkoff team. It will be great to see Tyler back in the peloton. Got to get my Tinkoff gear....

Speaking of cycling....during last year's Tour Day France, we had fun daily reports from Cubbie Reporter. Well, Cubbie had a big birthday this past weekend where she 'reset at zero'. Happy Birthday, my friend!

Lastly, but certainly not least....I got some great news today. A friend of mine has landed a new gig and it is a perfect fit for him and for the company. Don't you just love when that happens? I met Chris Fallon through my current job - he not only the most truly passionate bike person, but also one of the most knowledge about bikes and the sport AND, best yet, he can teach that knowledge to others and loves to do it. I learned more in 10 minutes from Chris than anyone else when I first started in the industry - ok, that 10 minutes turned into an hour and a half (right, Chris?!), but it was well worth every second!. He is a purist and just loves the sport and enjoys being out on his bike and getting others out on their bike.

Anyway, I got an email today that a lucky company has snatched him up to be a "Sales Shepherd". What a great title! He's working for Earth, Wind and Rider. What's that? I asked the same question so I went to their site. Turns out they make wool cycling jerseys and apparel. If you haven't heard of them yet, you will now! This appears to be a perfect fit (no pun intended, but if it works..hey..so be it...). Congratulations EWNR and Chris!

And, no, I wouldn't conclude without saying that the Great American Race is only 18 days away (counter here). We're talking Daytona here, people! NASCAR, back live again...I can't wait! Betcha all know who I'm picking to win, again, this year. Here's a hint...this is the car he drove to victory in Daytona during one of his three February wins....

Just random thoughts and tidbits for my return. Thanks for being patient and for stopping by.

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Lee Hopkins said...

You are very welcome -- I only said what was true! Lee :-)