Thursday, March 23, 2006

Haven Hamilton Joins a Conversation

As I've learned over the last couple of years, the blogosphere is about participating in conversations. People may not always agree with one another in those conversations, but sometimes the most interesting to read are those where people don't agree.

However, in at least one case, I must disagree. Fritz, whom I have grown to respect and enjoy discussions with, has voiced his opinion about the Tyler Hamilton verdict. I respect his opinion. I don't agree with it, but respect it because he plainly states it, without slander, and moves on. But, today, Fritz points us to a post by someone who did not take the high road. In fact, in my opinion, he takes a very low road. Some of his readers/commenters take an even lower one.

Nathan, who had more than one chance to make his, apparently, strong feelings known to Tyler in person did not do that. What he wanted to say wasn't even that bad, "Tyler, you're a great guy, and I'm sorry to have to say this, but you made a mistake and cheated." He should have been able to say this to him; might not have been easy, but I guarantee Tyler has had worse said to him in the last year. Then blog about that conversation, including Tyler's response. But he didn't. He went to his blog and, in my opinion, wrote very harsh words about Tyler.

This did not surprise me and I almost stopped reading, yet I'm glad I didn't. In the comment section I was completely surprised to see a very eloquent post by one Haven Hamilton. Yes, Tyler's wife. (Disclaimer: I consider Haven and Tyler to be friends and believe in them) She's joined the conversation - good for her. She's a little feisty, but after everything they have been through, I can't blame her. As a matter of fact, I think she stated her points very well and I hope she doesn't mind me posting them here in complete form:

Dear Nathan - Just read your post, and as a former Nordic ski racer, I'm amused by your description of cyclists on skis. I'm not amused however, by your comments about my husband Tyler. Your sign off is very telling about your character - "Good, now that I've done the really manly thing and trashed someone on the Internet, I feel much better." You saw Tyler face to face and had the chance to confront him man to man and ask him anything you wanted. But you chose not to. Instead you took the coward's root and wrote a tantrum on the internet. You and Tyler have a number of mutual acquaintances. You can find out where we live. You can find out our phone number. If you want to know any of the facts about Tyler's case there are a number of ways you could gain access to them. Had you done so, you might have come to wonder how the transfusion test run on Tyler's samples in Athens didn't even type his blood correctly. Or how some of the test results used against him are biologically impossible. Or why the test results from Athens don't match the test results taken 3 weeks later that were used to charge Tyler. These are the questions we never got answers to. Tyler has been forced to endure a living nightmare on the worldwide stage. While he may never fully understand why or how this has happened to him, one thing is for sure. He's taken his knocks like a man. He has held his head high, and as you noted in your post - not shied away from the public - and never failed to look his critics in the eye. These are the actions of a man with nothing to hide. Plain and simple, these are the actions of a man. That's why I have so much respect for my husband. I wish I could say the same for you.
Sincerely, Haven Hamilton

Since, there have been some nasty comments directed at Haven. As her friend, I want to 'pounce' on the person who questions why she's defending her husband. Hello! Really? C'mon. But, I believe in Shel's Living Room Rule so I'll refrain, yet reiterate something I said many posts ago, "....this man looked me in the eye and told me he didn't do this. Good enough for me."

That is my opinion, without slandering anyone else. See? It can be done.

Just my opinionated tidbit for today. Thanks for stopping by.


Reva Pruett said...

If someone with a brain is given a keyboard, intelligent posting can be done.....What a freakin' concept!

The Internet is a great tool but can be extremely dangerous when used by the wrong hands. Thankfully we do have the right to free speech so that we can dispute the "evidence" that is put out there and show our support for the people that deserve it!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Beauty and brains; the total package!

Tyler is a lucky man, regardless of his racing career. Haven has been a great supporter and I enjoy reading about the strength of their relationship. THAT is inspiring.

Yes, the online world offers lots of folks a chance to rant without fear of real consequence to them. It's a shame, but it is very much a part of our lives now. With or without the web, it seems to be the standard course of action these days.

Donna Tocci said...

Reva, I will just assume that you mean either Haven or I when you mention brains and a keyboard. :) Thanks!

Tim, "Beauty and brains..." - you have no idea how correct you are, my friend. And you are surrounded because that would describe Reva, too.

Better than some, I also know how the internet can be used without consequence. Sometimes we look the other way, but when the issue is important enough to us, it's important to stand up and, as Reva said "show our support for the people that deserve it". Only we can judge for ourselves who deserves our personal support.

I, for one, am glad to support Haven and Tyler...but I think I most people know that by now.

Happy Weekend, all.

Jessi said...

I have so much respect for Haven. What a gal. I would definately put her in the Good Witch Club with us, Donna. I couldn't imagine going through what she has. I have gained so much more respect that I already had for her after reading her post. Thanks for including that!

Jamie said...

I completely agree with Haven's response. I for one have drawn much inspiration from Tyler over the years and now I think that Haven is just as amazing as Tyler. Drugs has ruined sport, not just from a performance enhancing aspect but from the point of view where it is possible to frame another athlete, in this case Tyler, to the point where his career has been ruined. That too is cheating. I'm not here to say Tyler is innocent, nor guilty because I have no evidence either way, but I trust Tyler's and Haven's words and believe in Tyler. Good luck Tyler, I wish you all the best in the future.

LuckyLaud said...

This post is funny now

Timothy Eustis said...


You are so right! Ha Ha Haven.